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We do not see things as they are.
We see things as we are.
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Therapy Sessions

My Transformation Hypnotherapy is based on the life of the butterfly. The butterfly's life is symbolic of growth, change and transformation. It starts out as an earthbound grub on a leaf and then, through a process of change and transformation, the earthbound creature emerges as a winged creature finding its new potential and its element - the air. The caterpillar sees only what is on the ground. The butterfly has a clearer perspective.

Our lives, too, are full of growth and change but sometimes our problems, whether emotional, habitual or health-related, seem to hold us down and sap our confidence and self esteem, making us feel unworthy, unhappy and afraid. These feelings stop us from realising our potential and our dreams. We see only what is on the ground. With Transformation Hypnotherapy I help you to banish those negative thoughts. I help you to reframe the situation, to think more positively about yourself and the future. I help you to rise above whatever is troubling you so that you have a clearer perspective. Then you can realise your potential and your dreams, then you can spread your wings and fly.

Transformation Hypnotherapy

The therapeutic service I am offering is for women only and looks at problems from a woman's point of view. It is useful for women who might feel nervous about consulting a male hypnotherapist or who feel that their problem might be better understood by another woman. Many women recommend me to their friends and family or return for help with other issues.

Women who seek therapy do so because they usually have some deeply troubling issues. These issues are usually, but not always associated with loss in one form or another, such as bereavement, job loss, relationship loss, loss of status, loss of self-esteem, and so on. We all experience some, or all of these issues in our lives and long for someone to talk to. Sometimes there is no-one to talk to, or if there is, we may fear they will not understand, or judge us in some way so we bottle up our problems. This, in itself, can cause stress, which research has shown, can lead to depression and physical illness. Just to have someone who will really listen to us, perhaps for the first time, without judgement or telling us what to do, can be enormously therapeutic in itself.

So, for each client, and for each session, I always hold in my awareness that I may be the only person in your life who can really listen to you and can understand your pain. While recognising that each person is unique, I work with you to help you with your problem - whether it is related to health, emotions or habits - to become the best you can be.

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