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Past Life Regression

"The way out into the light often looks dark.
The way that goes ahead often looks as if it went back."
Tao Te Ching
Spiritual Text

Many eastern cultures accept pre-existence and reincarnation and more recently these beliefs have become increasingly popular in the west. Although there is no conclusive scientific evidence, as yet, either in favour or against reincarnation, this should not detract anyone from trying past life regression since those who succeed in being regressed, often discover, to their amazement, how their present life appears to be influenced by events that may have happened in a previous life. In hypnosis it is possible to access levels of awareness not normally accessible to the conscious mind, and this can facilitate past life recall.

Past Life Regression. past life regression

Past Life Regression as a Therapeutic Process

Although reincarnation is a subject of debate, under hypnosis, many people can access accounts of past events which are not of their present lifetime and can link them to present life difficulties and difficult relationships. While regression to a past life cannot be guaranteed, most people receive a result. Tremendous insights can be gained into current behaviour patterns and difficulties in relationships. A lot of healing can result from releasing blocked emotions and from forgiveness. I work with you after the session, or, if necessary, in a further session to gain understanding and thereby healing.

How Past Life Regression can help you

~If you have fears, anxieties and phobias that cannot be explained, they may be as a result of some past life trauma which has been carried over into your current life. Past life regression can explain and release them, thus improving your current quality of life.

~We are all here to learn and to fulfill a purpose; past life regression can help you gain insight and clarity into what that purpose is.

~Past life regression can help you recognise that your present life consists of recurring patterns of behaviour that are having a negative effect on you. These patterns of behaviour may have been brought over from a previous life that could be affecting your present one.
Understanding how and why this is happening can greatly improve the quality of your present life.

~Past life regression can help you to have a better understanding of your personal relationships. It can, for example, throw light on why you feel a certain way about someone; instant attraction or instant dislike. You may have experienced many past lifetimes with this person.

When you come to see me for a Past Life Regression I will concentrate of helping you to return to a lifetime that is affecting your present one. This will help to throw insight on to present day problems. I will then help you to examine and understand this, greatly improving your present life and ability to cope.

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