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The Meaning of the Butterfly Symbol

The butterfly is highly symbolic.

Psyche (the Greek goddess to whom we are indebted for the root of our word psychology) was the name given by the ancient Greeks to the soul. It was also the Greek word which originally stood for the butterfly. In early Greek art this goddess, as the soul, was represented as a butterfly.

In time the butterfly (psyche) came to symbolise the soul and our word psychosomatic means the effect of the soul, (or the mind) on the body (the Greek word for which is soma).

Butterfly Symbol. blue butterflies

The butterfly's life is symbolic of growth, change and transformation. It starts out as an earthbound grub on a leaf and then through a process of change and transformation, the earthbound creature emerges as a winged creature finding its new potential and its element, the air. The caterpillar sees only what is on the ground. The butterfly has a clearer perspective.

Through my Transformation therapy I aim to bring about change and transformation in you so that you can rise above your problem - whether it is emotional, habitual or stress related - and have a clearer perspective.

Realise your potential and your dreams and spread your wings and fly.

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